It’s the Counter Church of the last days. Vatican II was much needed and is much abused as usual by one and all. Vatican II and its subsequent reforms have given us a new religion, a religion which is substantially different from the Roman Catholic Faith This was a photo from a liturgy in the "extraordinary form" (pre-Vatican II 1962 Latin Mass), welcoming a group of very traditional Carmelite nuns to the diocese. Most people were not born then to know how healthy the Church was before. If that document represented the ultimate triumph of Americanism, “the rest of the [Catholic] world” did not have to wait until Vatican II to be made different by the U.S., always with the compliance of the country’s bishops. Old Photographs: Pre-Vatican II, Michael Ledesma, Facebook Catholicism certainly looks a lot different today than it did a few decades ago. It usually takes about a century for the dust to settle. Pre-Vatican II Is the Catholic Church. There is the pre-Vatican II era, and everything that came after it. Whether you are old enough to remember pre-Vatican II Catholicism or not, looking back through the Church’s old “family” pictures can still be a lot of fun! It is not unusual though that Joe 6 pack in the pew always thinks pre-Vatican II was better and the church had nothing to fix in the first place. All they have is now and no experience with what it was like in the Church before … It purports to be Catholic, but it is not. For conservotrads and traditionalists, the pre-Vatican II era was when everything was…

That has been the norm for every council of the church since the beginning. The pastor and parishioners of Saint Joseph Roman Catholic Church are and wish to remain faithful to the Holy Roman Catholic Church founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ, Who appointed St. Peter and his legitimate successors, the Roman Pontiffs, to be its visible Head. 1.8K likes. A young man was listening to me talk to someone about the problems in the our Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is the true Church, but the post-Vatican II “Catholic” Church is not the real Catholic Church.

It’s presided over by antipopes and heretics, as this website proves.

At Vatican II only one U.S. bishop, James Cardinal McIntyre of Los Angeles, declined to sign the Declaration.) Welcome to the Traditional Latin Mass and the Unchanged Catholic Faith! This young man is too young to know how great the Catholic Church was before Vatican II. He asked me; "What is wrong in the Catholic Church?" The Second Vatican Council began in 1962 and officially ended in 1965, and for many Catholics, church history is completely defined by this event, regardless of their political or liturgical orientation.

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