Puri-Puri Prisoner vs. Puri Puri prisoner (Angel Vibration) - 180 Vaccuma (Base) - 125 Vaccuma (Transformed) - 155 Prisoners monster - 16 Nyan - 240 Puri Puri Prisoner (Bristle Armor) - 220 Tatsumaki - 900+ Gyoro Gyoro (Final Form) - 345 Orochi (Suppress) - 750+ Orochi (Ultimate Form) - 850+ Saitama (Normal Punch) - 10,000+ Black Sperm (Single cell) - 100

The ninjas are at the very least mid Dragon-level and if you put them way below Nyan, that would automatically make him high Dragon-level and Drive Knight stomped him.

Puri-Puri-Prisoner is a flashy, openly homosexual superhero. Today I'll be briefly ranking all OPM manga chapters released this year (101-124) based solely on my enjoyment level.

u/Grinchmr4. Ghost. He wears a traditional prison jumpsuit with white and blue stripes. Pri-Pri-Prisoner is the S-Class, Rank 17 hero. Class-S Rank #15 Metal Bat. best. He and his brother were already busy searching for Garou, but both knew Garou would have to wait, however much they didn't want to. save hide report. Criminals that he apprehends are then added to his harem. Close • Posted by. I had to do a quick reread of each chapter to make sure the list is decent & unbiased (unfortunately it still is! 31 minutes ago. Nyan Nyan’s only feats (that I recall) are cutting Puri Puri and failing to cut Saitama. Kaneki could replicate both of those, but by feats he should be able to cut Puri Puri in half, IMO. Chapter Text. Puri-Puri-Prisoner is a large muscular man with a stubbly, cleft chin, large lips and black bushy hair. Even though when Nyan actually hit Puri is was almost a killshot. 4. Garou vs. Puri-Puri Prisoner is the battle between Garou and the S-Class hero Puri-Puri Prisoner. He seemed to get even stronger with his reactive evolution vs Nyan but idk how much. question. Sort by. Puri Puri Prisoner who considered himself to be the weakest S class, but current Puri Puri Prisoner with pristle armor, Dark Angel Vibration, ability May 24, 2020 - Explore robby2849's board "One Punch Man!! Welcome back guys.

If Nyan had gotten his shit together, would he have killed PPP? A great thing, really. See more ideas about One punch man, One punch, Man. Despite Puri Puri Prisoner's buff he … Nyan vs Puri Prisoner. 2 comments. The only great thing about the place aside from the fact that this place accommodated a single family, not a broke bachelor financially recovering from chemotherapy. 21 minutes ago. Nyan vs Puri Prisoner. alloy, one of the strongest s rank heroes meet Puri Puri prisoner who was uprooted by Garou. Prisoners of Smelly Lid Prison was the battle between the S-Class hero Puri-Puri Prisoner and the monsterized prisoners of Smelly Lid Prison. Yes. Nyan Nyan’s only feats (that I recall) are cutting Puri Puri and failing to cut Saitama. He takes an interest in other, up-and-coming heroes and criminals; an affair which led to his titular jail sentence, as he kept attacking them. Nyan, disturbed by Puri-Puri Prisoner's strange personality, decides to leave him to the other cadres and escapes through a narrow crack. The rent was cheap—which was a good thing. Puri Puri Prisoner fodderized a baseline high 7-C at half of his strength.

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