'Round The Bend TV official website • Laurence & Sally Martin • Baggage Battles & Storage Wars. Definition of round the bend in the Idioms Dictionary. Round the Bend is a show close to our hearts and it's a testament to the show's inspiring brilliance and manic energy that we remember it so vividly. An Atari game based on the show was released by Impulze in 1991.

The series premiered on Tue Apr 05, 1988 on ITV and Episode 6 (S03E06) last aired on Tue May 08, 1990. Round the bend.

Round the Bend was based around the offices of a comic book which were located in the sewers, hence the name 'Round the Bend', and featured the antics of Doc Croc and his rodent friends, as well as many deranged cartoons. check out some of our other appearances Round the Twist is an Australian children's fantasy television program about three children and their widowed father who live in a lighthouse in the fictional coastal town of Port Niranda and become involved in many bizarre magical adventures. 'Round The Bend TV official website • Laurence & Sally Martin • Baggage Battles & Storage Wars The one I used to watch was about some fucked up light house where strange things happen. What does round the bend expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. The show was shown on CITV between 1989 and 1991. Crazy Credits The end credits appear on the pages of a book of "Round the Bend" that Doc Croc is reading and his hand is seen turning the pages. Round the Bend was a TV show featuring puppets, from the same creators of Spitting Image, but it was for kids!The show was broadcast between 1989 and 1991 on ITV.

... before we went 'round the bend we did other stuff! Round the Bend is a 20 minute animation-children-comedy starring Kaefan Shaw as Doc Crocs Tail, Anthony Asbury as Doc Croc and Nigel Plaskitt as Vince Vermin. It was like a fictional comic that was published in a sewer by Doc Croc, and 3 rats, Vince Vermin, Jemima Green, and Louschetti Bruschetti(Lou Brush). ... 'round the bend show Come with us, on another adventure! I used to watch “round the twist” never seen round the bend though. Sure, some of the references are pretty dating and would leave kids of today scratching at their Joey Essex styled …

round the bend phrase.

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