The only thing there that doesn't fall under those categories specifically is meat - Tanisha Ramirez 340 W. Main St., Waukesha (262) 522-3605 Buy Photo There are many things about a hamburger (how it is prepared, where you can buy one, cultural associations) that are just not like a canonical sandwich. Who needs all that (mostly) white flour? The best Ham Salad Recipe using leftover ham, minced vegetables, hard boiled egg and a lightly seasoned creamy mayonnaise base. Most of its sandwiches (not the half sandwich in a You Pick 2) and paninis start out with 300 to 500 calories from the ciabatta, french baguette, focaccia, tomato basil, honey wheat, or three cheese bread. But this is negligible when your deli guy is stuffing your wrap with an extra 375 calories worth of tuna salad.

A BLT or chicken salad sandwich or corned beef on rye (mustard, no mayo) or even a grilled cheese all look like a usual sandwich. Serves 1 | Total Time: Less Than 15 Mins All salad is is a pile of vegetables, Pasta can fall under that definition. Serve with crackers or as a sandwich. - Cristian Farias "Nope, not a sandwich. Is a hot dog a sandwich? The debate rages on about the categorization of food items as soup, salad, or sandwich. So technically, yes, a hamburger is a kind of sandwich. In fact, most sandwiches wish they were tacos." A BLT is a tomato sandwich, seasoned with bacon. It has meat in bread. But a hamburger does not. Are burgers sandwiches?

The simple sandwich has always been a lunch time staples across Europe: a quick and affordable treat that can be devoured on the go or back at the office desk.. Ham salad seems to be the most popular the days following Easter. The Soup-Salad-Sandwich Space makes the classifications more explicit. We aren't here to end the debate, but we do have recipes for all the best that bread and fillings have to offer. Deep fried food is covered in breading, which makes it a sandwich. A salad beats a sandwich, though you have to choose your salad wisely.. Take Panera. Or hot dogs? Leftover ham and hard boiled eggs from egg hunts make it a seamless no brainer as how to use them. At what ratio of solid to liquid does a stew become a soup? The debate rages on about the categorization of food items as soup, salad, or sandwich. This lack of secureness indicates it's not a sandwich." Tacos are in a category (and league) of their own. (And lettuce.) At what ratio of solid to liquid does a stew become a soup? Two popular brown-bag lunch items are tuna salad sandwich and turkey sandwiches.

It can't be a sandwich if there's no bread." The Debate Club Sandwich There's very little debate that this is the sandwich recipe that you will return to again and again. - But where are the truly epic sandwiches in Europe?The special treats that get you drooling at your desk at 10am as you anticipate your lunch. Salad cream is an oh-so very British condiment that has long been either slathered on jacket potatoes or used to jazz up the limpest of lettuce leaves and the sourest of tomatoes. Is a hot dog a sandwich? You’re welcome. - Minou Clark "Not a sandwich. The Soup-Salad-Sandwich Space makes the classifications more explicit. You’re welcome. When you bite it, half its contents fall on the plate. It has meat in bread. From this basic premise, all else follows.

These bad boys are going head-to-head for the title of healthiest sandwich. The sandwich comes with chips, or leaner options of fruit salad or carrot sticks, or the cafe’s own creamy potato salad.

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