The Diary of Samuel Pepys is one of the most entertaining documents in English history.

It begins with an account of Pepys shaving and setting off on his daily business, but goes on to focus on an issue of immense political concern: the acute financial shortages that were a feature of Charles II’s reign. Friday 1 July 1664 Up and within all the morning, first bringing down my Tryangle to my chamber below, having a new frame made proper for it to stand on.


Buy The Diary of Samuel Pepys: Volume V - 1664: 1664 v. 5 New Ed by Pepys, Samuel (ISBN: 9780004990255) from Amazon's Book Store. Friday 1 May 1668 Up, and to the office, where all the morning busy.Then to Westminster Hall, and there met Sir W. Pen, who labours to have his answer to his impeachment, and sent down from the Lords’ House, read by the House of Commons; but they are so busy on other matters, that he cannot, and thereby will, as he believes, by design, be … By and by comes Dr. Burnett, who assures me that I have an ulcer either in the kidneys or bladder, for my water, which he saw yesterday, he is sure the sediment is not slime gathered by heat, … Tuesday 2 August 1664 At the office all the morning. The fifth volume of the complete Diary of Samuel Pepys in its most authoritative and acclaimed edition. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Monday 12 September 1664 Up, and to my cozen Anthony Joyce’s, and there took leave of my aunt James, and both cozens, their wives, who are this day going down to my father’s by coach. Tuesday 2 February 1663/64 Up and to the office, where, though Candlemas day, Mr. Coventry and Sir W. Pen and I all the morning, the others being at a survey at Deptford.At noon by coach to the ’Change with Mr. Coventry, thence to the Coffee-house with Captain Cocke, who discoursed well of the good effects in some kind of a Dutch warr and … One person who stayed in London throughout the 1665 plague was Samuel Pepys. So up and by water to St. James’s, and there attended the Duke with Sir W. Batten and Sir J. Minnes, and having done our work with him walked to Westminster Hall, and after walking there and talking of business met Mr. Rawlinson and by coach to the ’Change, where I did some business, and home to … Pepys' diaries offer a firsthand account of living through that awful year. Read the full diary entries for September 1664 October 1664 Sam works on Warren’s timber contract ( 18 , 25 ), Mr. Bridge’s calico contract ( 8 , 12 ), the Fishery Committee ( 10 , 25 , 29 ) and experiments to test the quality of cordage ( 3 ).

This complete edition of the Diary of Samuel Pepys comprises eleven volumes – nine volumes of text and footnotes (with an introduction of 120 pages in Volume I), a tenth volume of commentary (The Companion) and an eleventh volume of Index.

This video deals with the famous diarists Samuel Pepys and John Evelyn whose contribution to literature is really noteworthy. At noon dined, and then to, the ’Change, and there walked two hours or more with Sir W. Warren, who after much discourse in general of Sir W. Batten’s dealings, he fell to talk how every body must live by their places, and that he was willing, if I desired it, that I should go shares with him in … Samuel Pepys (/piːps/ PÎPS [1]), né le 23 février 1633 à Londres et mort le 26 mai 1703 à Clapham, est un haut fonctionnaire de l'Amirauté anglaise, Membre du Parlement (député) et diariste anglais.. De nos jours, il est connu principalement pour son Journal qui couvre la période 1660-1669, rédigé presque intégralement en utilisant une sorte de sténographie. Selected extracts are supported by a complete transcription of his shorthand text. The Diary Of Samuel Pepys 1664 I did give my Aunt 20s., to carry … He tells of coming across sick people and corpses, his horror at the sheer numbers of dead, and then how the toll started to decrease as the weather grew cold at the end of the year. Monday 2 May 1664 Lay pretty long in bed. During a different pandemic, one 17th-century British naval administrator named Samuel Pepys did just that. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Samuel Pepys' Diary with information about his life and the 17th century background.

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