Philippians 1:3-6.

Sermons. When one travels today security is an important consideration. Many people appear to be making great time on a journey to futility. Bookmark. Support Our Webcast MinistryClick here to donate!

That’s okay. Get sermon ideas from Chuck McAlister by Strength for the Journey (1 of 20).

This content is part of a series.. “Life is a Journey” Rev. But I understand there may be some of you here for the first time, and you don’t know what the 40 Days even is. Because everybody is somewhere on their spiritual journey. ... We want to join together with pastors and Christian workers to equip the church in China, broadcasting translated sermons, providing ministry resources for Christians and pastors in China.

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1:5 To know means to know intimately, inside and out, to know the very fiver of your being as well as the purpose of your life.

They hang on despite all the obstacles.

Transformational Kindness Posted on May 31, 2020 | Pastor: Rev. Home Sermon May 19, 2019 “Continuing the Journey” May 19, 2019 “Continuing the Journey” May 19, 2019 Preacher: Rev. Now for most of us, we have just completed the 40 Days spiritual journey here at West Side. Continuing the Journey. The Psalmist shares thoughts like these when he wrote Psalm 121.

We are only passing through this world like someone on a world trip. Throughout the account, we see the grace of God at work. Richard Feyen. I love what God told Jeremiah, “I knew you before you were in your mother’s womb.” Jer. Series: Worship at Faith. This message draws encouragement for our faith from the first journey of Paul and Barnabas. 1- Paul has already told us that life is like a … The Psalmist considered where he might find protection for his journey. Strength for the Journey 2 Thessalonians 2:13-17 » Index for this sermon series. Before God created us, He had a purpose in his mind.

Paul Reiter.

And, we see the that it will not be smooth sailing, for there is trouble for Paul and Barnabas all along the way. Continuing our journey through Nehemiah Rich looks at chapter 7. These ideas are good. May 19, 2019 "Continuing the Journey" from Faith Presbyterian Church on Vimeo. This week we look at the approach Jesus took to the Sabbath and where he differed from the religious leaders of the Jewish people. In recent weeks, we’ve been exploring the core characteristics of a Spirit-filled person. Yet I believe life is like a journey. Strength For the Journey (of Life) .... Book of Philippians.

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