HPBT MATCHKING. Gold Medal Sierra MatchKing 308 Win Important Safety Information. $22.99. Some shooters are concerned that the tried-and-true MatchKing® bullets will be replaced with the Tipped MatchKing® bullets. In 2014, Sierra Bullets crowned the MatchKing® with an acetal resin tip that lowers the drag by improving the ballistic coefficient. In Stock Item #: SRA1410 $0.23 per round Volume Discounts Available .

Both will probably be Sierra MatchKing HPBT if … In handguns chambering 6mm cartridges, the 70 grain #1505 MatchKing® bullet, which was designed as a bench rest bullet, is suitable for targets out to medium range. Sierra 6mm (1505) 70gr Matchking HPBT (100pk) Heads. Sierra re-engineered their legendary MatchKing bullet into a hollow point design for quick expansion and fitted it with a transparent green tip for ballistic uniformity. SIERRA MATCHKING BULLETS; Open Expanded View.

The hollow point boat tail design provides that extra margin of ballistic performance match shooters need to fire at long ranges under adverse conditions. Sierra MatchKing Rifle Bullets (500/ct) .30 cal .308" 168 gr HPBT …of the Sierra bullet family, unmatched worldwide and truly world class in all respects.

This 135 grain MatchKing® bullet #1833 is the heaviest match grade bullet currently available in Sierra's line in 270 caliber. If you handload for 22-250, 223 Remington, 6.5 x284 Norma, 308 Winchester, or 300 Winchester Magnum check out this new reloading data. This 100 grain 25 caliber HPBT MatchKing® bullet #1628 has been designed with the characteristic MatchKing® quality features, a thin jacket for concentricity and uniformity, and precise weight control. Have adequate ventilation at all times. Since 1947, Sierra Bullets has been dedicated to manufacturing the most accurate bullets in the world. I'm new to reloading and am buying my first bullets! Sierra Bullets is excited to release load data for four of our newest bullets: the 22 caliber 95 gr HPBT MatchKing #1396, 6.5mm 150 gr HPBT MatchKing #1755, 30 caliber 200 gr HPBT MatchKing #2231, and 30 caliber 230 gr HPBT MatchKing #2251..

WARNING: Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to the State of California to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury.

Sierra MatchKing Rifle Bullets (500/ct) .30 cal .308" 168 gr HPBT …of the Sierra bullet family, unmatched worldwide and truly world class in all respects.

Sierra Bullets (300) Sort Filter Sort Products ... SIERRA 22(.224) 52gr HPBT BULLET MATCHKING 100/bx . Sierra Regular price £36.00 Sale price £32.00 Save £4.00 Sierra .22 (1330) 50gr Varminter Spitzer (100pk) Heads.

These 168-grain Sierra MatchKing bullets are extremely accurate and reliable. These Hollow Point Boat Tail bullets have a small meplat to produce a higher ballistic coefficient. Thread starter alpha0815; Start date Dec 31, 2013; Forums. With Sierra's traditional precision design, the #1505 HPBT gained wide and immediate acceptance. .22 CALIBER 69 GR. Seierra Bullet Heads for sale at McAvoy Guns. It is appropriate for cartridges like the 257 Roberts Improved, 25-06, 257 Weatherby Magnum and 1x10

We continue to expand this extremely popular line by adding another 6.5mm option in 107 gr. $108.99. I'm buying 7.62x54R and 8mm Mauser bullets. SIERRA 22(.224) 52gr HPBT BULLET MATCHKING 500/bx . Sierra Bullet Heads. These Hollow Point Boat Tail bullets have a small meplat to produce a higher ballistic coefficient. While they are recognized around the world for record-setting accuracy, MatchKing® and Tipped MatchKing® bullets are not recommended for most hunting applications.

Written by Sierra Bullets Chief Ballistician Tommy Todd Since we introduced the Tipped MatchKing® (TMK®) line of bullets in 2015, we have had a few questions from customers regarding the two lines of bullets (MK vs TMK).

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