SNAKE ISLAND is a hilariously cheesy, zero budget monster flick from South Africa, shot by and starring '80s B-movie actor Wayne Crawford. A small boat taking American tourists to an African resort is shipwrecked off the shore of Snake Island, a remote location with a questionable history. If Snake Island were recognized as an island, then continental shelf around it should be considered as Ukrainian water. It's chiefly of note for featuring the great William Katt (CARRIE) in one of the lead roles. 25 Things About Snake Island That We Preferred Not To Know The truth is, real or fake stories, we would prefer not to know about them, as Snake Island is definitely being crossed off the ‘must travel’ list.

Snake Island (2002) ** (out of 4) Another "nature strikes back" flick this time set on, you guessed it, Snake Island. A group of strangers get stuck on the island when they learn that it has a reputation of being infested by various Sep 27, 2014 Between the stiff acting, cheesy effects and dialogue that was bafflingly written by two grown men, there's plenty of unintentional humor to be found in Snake Island.

If Snake Island were not an island, but a rock , [4] then in accordance with international law the maritime boundary between Romania and Ukraine should be drawn without taking into consideration the isle location.

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