Hi folks, I have a beautiful, simple rose gold e-ring with a 10mm x 8mm morganite in the center. December 15, 2017 We use black as a bold gemstone in many of our KIR pieces but depending on the application it will be a black onyx or black spinel bead and we thought you might be curious about the difference and why we choose to use one over the other or don't just use one variety across the board. ive never heard of it before. I never heard of blue spinel and I don't know what it is! sapphire vs. spinel (PINK) Thread starter Kem; Start date Oct 7, 2007; Status Not open for further replies. Relevance. Joined Jul 27, 2012 Messages 286.

1 decade ago. but I suspect the spinel would look more pink compared to the sapphire. Favorite Answer. Sri Lanka with many but mostly desaturated colors compared to corundum.

To the extent the stone has undertones I prefer purple and red flashes to peach or orange flashes. For black spinel and (maybe) sapphire, lab-created rough is available for cutters. Source(s): https://shrinkurl.im/a71tw. To the extent the stone has undertones I prefer purple and red flashes to peach or orange flashes. Nevertheless, spinel's price, even in those cases, is still lower than the price of sapphire and ruby. but I suspect the spinel would look more pink compared to the sapphire. Inclusions 0 0 1. 0 1 0. Next Last. Two strongest are at 686, 675, plus 635, 585, 555, and 508. Pink Spinel or Sapphire. Spinel is a hard vitreous magnesium aluminum oxide that has been used as a gemstone for centuries.

Joined Jun 30, 2007 Messages 40. Go. difference in price about $500. K. Kem Rough_Rock. ALON and spinel optical ceramics are not cheap alternatives to single-crystal sapphire, but rather better solutions for applications that require large-sized or complex-shaped components.

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Spinel vs. Sapphire. I LOVE the color of morganite, but I am looking into switching my stone. Its most popular colors, red and blue can be found in strikingly saturated colors but they will never be as well known as ruby and sapphire.

Nigerian blue gahnite also has bands at 700 and 570 like those seen in spinel.

They will be structurally more sound than a treated black diamond. sapphire is just over 2 ct while the spinel is 1.6ct. The spinel is not treated. (Note: This iron spectrum is distinctive vs. the cobalt blue of synthetic spinel.) Black spinel seems to suffer the same fate. The white spinel is rare and, "relatively unknown to the common consumer," says GemTradeNet.

Like cubic zirconias, white spinels have also been used as a replacement for diamonds. Spinel WAS the little cousin of corundum ( ruby and all the sapphire colors) course only two sources were important looking at rhe last 100 years.

The spinel is not treated.

Other varieties are more common and less sought after. blue spinel vs. sapphire? Among the materials tested — which included sapphire, spinel, ALON, yttria, zinc sulfide, and germania glass — sapphire proved to be the most thermally shock capable. Color is an important factor that defines spinel's price - red spinel is rarer than other varieties, and also more expensive; blue exemplars are the second rarest spinel gems.

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