Working with Text Many of the concepts and techniques that you know from working with a word processor will carry over to PageMaker. Click on the Window menu then select Show Tools. Rectangular Tool.


Line Tool .

Click on the Rotate tool.

Working With Pagemaker Text Tool - 3 In previous post we used different strings selection now we can also work in a single string lets check out this below video in this we used typing text in a single string.

Constrained line Tool .

To rotate text or objects at required angles. The index will flow to the bottom of the first column. Ctrl-7.

The Text tool looks like this: This is the icon under the Pointer tool (the arrow). ... tilted to the left or leaning to the right, all of this can be done and undone using PageMaker.

6. Drawing With PageMaker : PageMaker offers a unique graphics environment. The PageMaker Toolbox contains all of the tools you will use for creating and manipulating text and objects. Rotating Tool : Use the rotating tool to select, and rotate objects Croping Tool : Use the croping tool to trim imported graphics Line tool : Use the line tool to draw straight

If you're knew to desktop publishing these tips on how to rotate text and graphics in PageMaker will come in handy. This document will familiarize you with the tools in the toolbox. Using the Pointer Tool with Text When you are working with PageMaker, you will have the flexibility to define your text area. Text Tool. One key difference is that you must select the Text tool before you begin to edit. It also contains two tools to help you view your publication.

To draw rectangle and square.

Pagemaker Text Tool : In this topic we discuss about pagemaker text tool by using mouse select text tool or simply we can use a shortcut in keyboard CTRL+ALT+F1 (Function Key) automatically text tool will select in tool box please observe the below image.

PageMaker’s strengths are in its ability to bring together text and images to make professional looking resumes, brochures, handouts, and newsletters. (A text frame is similar to a text box in QuarkXPress and a text block in Adobe PageMaker.) Position the loaded text cursor within an existing text frame and click to thread the text or drag to create a new text .

To draw straight line 0 0, 45 0, 90 0.

100% (actual size) ..... Ctrl-1or DOUBLE-CLICK on maginfy tool ..... Adobe. 3. In PageMaker you can move and resize graphics with ease, and format text around them . 4. This document will familiarize you with the PageMaker 6.5 environment and its components. To writ text with or without defining text area and select the text.

A) 6 B) 7 C) 8 D) 9 Correct Answer : D. 21. To determine the boundaries and placement of …

Cropping Tool.

A) Ellipse Tool B) Polygon Tool C) Rotating Tool D) Move Tool Correct Answer : D. 19. To crop (hide) certain portion of ready-made figures. The Shortcut key of ZOOM OUT is – A) Ctrl + + B) Ctrl + – C) Ctrl + O D) Ctrl + Z Correct Answer : B. You can also use PageMaker’s drawing tools to create your own basic shapes.

Text Tool : Use the text tool to type, select , and edit text. 5. towards the bottom of the box), select the text tool and click in the first column where the final index will begin and paste, Edit > Paste.

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