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Posted by. Apparently, i was so stupid, i forgot that i hadn't finished the mission with the bride. Stuck on the quest where I light the eternal fire shrines. Quest completed. He wants the witcher to kill the vodyanoi acolyte at Dagon's altar to summon the beast and then kill it.

It becomes available once you’ve completed the Flowers and Gold quest and ask Yaren for more Witcher work. He'll tell you to go see the Lady of the Lake - if you kneel before her statue, he will give you a quest. For The Witcher on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "chapter IV - can't find the friendly Vodyan priest!!!

i really hate it when you have to do the quests in a precise order. A vodyanoi warrior will show up at the vodyanoi altar next to the Clay Pits (#5) every night around midnight. your advice was really useful. help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts Communities Top Posts.

Ancient obelisk that Friendly Vodyanoi Priest treats as altar has been previously raised by both races in order to show appreciation to the Lady … Reward Using IGNI during battle is the only way to defeat them all quickly. Place the axe on the altar (M10.7) and wait until midnight. Nothing with the vodyanoi to do.

This is the amulet given to the woodcutters by the Vodyanoi in the Swamp in exchange for the sacrifice of Yaren Bolt's axe (which appears to be a Mahakaman 2-handed axe). The Witcher: Enhanced Edition. Using Reddit.

Lore friendly Vodyanoi Altar. A Vodyanoi Warrior appears and swaps the axe for Vodyanoi Amulet. It is located southwest of the village, on the western edge of the clay pits in the swamp. Oct 20, 2012 @ 5:38pm can't find item Early in my game I placed the cockatrice's head in the Vodyanoi Altar near the clay pits in the Swamp Forest.

as you said,as soon as i finished the mission with the bride, the vodyan priest was there.

He won't put up much of a fight.

Phase 10. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews The Witcher: Enhanced Edition > General Discussions > Topic Details. I guessed you've tried going on after that little dialogue about the fish people? Reward Using Blizzard before battle is ESSENTIAL. Factional Leaders. I cannot get the Vodyanoi Priest to show up at Lady of the Lake Alter in Act 4.

Despite being optional, it does provide quite a lot of meaningful information about the main quests and should not be neglected.
The Witcher Card Game.

When you return to Yaren after doing this, he'll give you 400 orens, and all told you'll earn about 3000 experience points for completing the quest. Quest completed. Reddit.

He also wants you to deal with the Vodyanoi that come to the Clay Pits at night. Close. This time Yaren will ask you to clear out the path between the Lumberjack’s Clearing (#1) and the Clay Pits (#5). Geralt must make this exchange by placing the Yaren Bolt's axe on the Vodyanoi altar and wait until midnight for their response. 20. Raphael.

Place the axe on the altar (M10.7) and wait until midnight.

Phase 11. Another Witcher.

Is there a specific time of night this quest activates? i was so focused on the damned priest!!! Phase 11. The altar is of no real importance, you can "sacrifice" some herb or food you own there, and the next day it will (hopefully) be replaced by something else. Land dwellers know little of these underwater creatures and the cults which flourish among them, and what is known inspires fear.

u/DigzGwentplayer. Black Mamba. Phase 10. Phase 9.

I'm playing it for the first time to catch up for Wild Hunt.

It is located south-west of the village, on the western edge of the clay pits in the swamp .

Kill vodyanoi around the altar, don't allow Dagon to gain on you.

Phase 1. Talk to the Vodyanoi Priest, and he'll have a solution-abduct the prize-winning cow (which Dagon covets) and kill it on his altar to lure him there.. then kill Dagon.
The witcher then goes off to the clay pits to place the axe upon the altar and wait for some sign that the offering has been accepted. You'll speculate that only a witcher's sword could have split the brooch.

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