In this song, Rocky Burnette is ready to leave a dying relationship, as he's tired of toein' the line. #8 on BB Hot 100, #1 Australia, #3 S. Africa, and #58 on UK Singles on EMI Records in 1980. Tired Of Toein' The Line:Rocky Burnette.

Don't know why you want to jump on me, Baby, baby, baby, and make-a me cry. (Rocky is the son of Rock and Roll Pioneer Johnny Burnett

Rocky Burnette was part of the early 1980s revival of the rockabilly style.
Watch the music video and discover trivia about this classic Pop song now.

I know it's o-ooh-over, cause I've seen the signs.

In 1980 the #35 song in the charts was Tired of Toein' The Line by Rocky Burnett. Tired of Toein' the Line peaked at #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1980, making it Rocky Burnette’s highest & only chart appearance on the Hot 100 to date. "Tired of Toein' the Line" is a song by Rocky Burnette, who co-wrote it with Ron Coleman, former bass player of the Brothers Grim and The Everly Brothers. Baby, I'm tired of toeing the line. He released his …

Baby I'm Tired of toein' the line I'm gonna put on my walkin' shoes And leave you far behind. Tired of toein' the line If you want to get rid of me Baby, baby, baby You're doin' fine.
Despite the somber sentiment, it's a catchy upbeat tune that was welcomed in the post-disco era. Baby, I, I'm gonna find myself someone new, Someone who will be true, But no more toeing the line. It was performed by Burnette, and contains lyrics detailing an imminent breakup from the point of view of a man who no longer wants to toe the line. Burnette said that he wrote the song in about 20 minutes.

You're rollin' over And over so divine But you can't fix this Broken heart of mine.

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