Just like humans.

Those people who have shared their lives with torties claim that these adorable kitties have made their lives more colorful. They are also unique in that they are usually always female. Tortie fans, such as Coco Bear's owner, describe their cats as having over-the-top personalities that are humorous and naughty, but always delightful. The Tortoiseshell cat is one terrific cat made up of a marvelous combination of multiple colors and patterns. The occasional and very rare male tortoiseshell cat is the result of a genetic mutation.

Maybe, just maybe that’s one of the reasons that we love them so much – they remind us of ourselves in some way. Even if you don’t like cats, a few hours in the company of a calico cat is sure to melt your cynical sides! Tortoiseshell refers to the pattern in a cat's fur coat and is a result of a combination of genetic and developmental factors. The same study about human perception of a cat's personality due to their coat color also discusses white cats.They are seen as “less bold and active and more shy and calm than other colors of cat”. Both pedigree and mixed breed domestic cats can have tortoiseshell fur or coats.

There is a primary gene for the cat's main coat color and a co-dominant gene for the tortoiseshell pattern. The tortoiseshell cat is a very beautiful animal. I'd heard of, even seen, calicoes but a tortie was unfamiliar turf.

We are all unique. In a nutshell, it boils down to science—chromosomes, specifically. The patterns without the white markings appear in the brown patched tabby, blue patched tabby, tortie cat, and dilute tortie cat.

In an article on tortoiseshell cat personality, Maeve Conner gleans some insights from cat behavior expert and star of Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell, Jackson Galaxy. Tortoiseshell Cat Names – Brown, Black & Gray.

There are so many fun facts about Tortie cats!.

And by the darker side, we mean the color – not the infamous “tortitude” that many owners report.

Not only do these cats look nice, but they also make wonderful pets. Prior to adopting a tortie, Rosie, I didn't know any specific personality traits were consistently linked to cat coat color. Calico cats’ personality is a pretty interesting domain of feline behavioral study and the adorable personality of calico cats never fail to enchant anyone. Unfortunately, male cats with XXY Syndrome are sterile and often have serious health issues, resulting in significantly shorter lifespans than female torties. If you want something different from your cat, try adding a tortoiseshell to your cat’s name.

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