The Type XXI U-boat series began with U-2501 and ended with the U-3530. So after sifting through Kriegsmarine records, two small Type XXIII submarines for training purposes and later on the large Type XXI U 2540 as test bed were selected. A low reserve buoyancy and lack of most of its outer casing meant that the system could submerge itself in a matter of seconds, as fast as 9 or 10 seconds according to some sources. $19.77. Considering its relative obscurity, a 1/35 scale model of the Type XXIII is a bold offering from Bronco. The Type XXIII-Uboat U 2344, which was being raised by East Germany in January 1955 off Heiligendamm, was built at Deutsche Werft at Hamburg since 04 September 1944 and commissioned on 10 November 1944. She was then transferred …

The class also featured a very sensitive passive sonar for the time, housed in the "chin" of the hull. Type XXIII. Hardly surprising then that Revell have wanted to release a model of this submarine in the popular 1:144 scale. Until their deployment, the current types, successively equipped with snorkels, had to soldier on despite staggering losses and somehow bind Allied forces. The Type XXIs also had better facilities than previous U-boat classes, with much roomier crew berths, and a freezer to prevent food spoilage. Although the Type XXIII U-boat was an advanced design, only 61 of them entered service — and just six ever went into combat. Мастерская Steam: Stormworks: Build and Rescue. All submarines before this one were basically designed to submerge and stay under the surface in one place (sans minor pedestrian manoeuvres using electric power).
She was laid down on 25 November 1942 in Hamburg, Germany, and was commissioned on 16 September 1943 with Oberleutnant Walter Köhntopp being the commanding officer. The type only carried two torpedoes, and these had to be loaded externally, that is how cramped the interior of this type was!

U 2540 was christened "Wilhelm Bauer" after the German engineer who built the first real submarine in 1849, the Brandtaucher. A new type of U-boat was to be designed for the East German Navy, which should derive from the documentation of U 1308 (Project 20 “Stichling”) and experiences with Kriegsmarine Type XXIII U-boats. Enterprise 4.2 out of 5 stars 218. Below you can see the 61 commissioned U-boats of this type. The Revell Kit. The XXIII was so crammed internally that she only carried two torpedoes and those had to be loaded externally in harbour, thus they lacked the offensive punch of their larger sister, the XXI Elektro boat. The Type XXIII was a smaller U-Boot (U-Boat) variant initially launched in April 1944. Initial concept was for a coastal submarine with a displacement of about 320 t, to be built by the Volkswerft at Stralsund. Seven more were in various stages of work-up … The Type XXIII had an all welded single hull design, and was the first submarine in the world to use a single hull design. While 61 boats were commissioned, only six were operational during 1945. They were small coastal submarines designed to operate in the shallow waters of the North sea, the Black Type XXI submarines were a class of German diesel–electric Elektroboot (German: "electric boat") submarines designed during the Second World War.One hundred and eighteen were completed, with four being combat ready. The German Type XXIII Submarine were the first so-called electric boats to become operational. The Type XXI is a significant vessel for the German Kriegsmarine dating back to WWII. $129.50. It had a full streamlined outer hull and apart from the relatively small bridge and a hump on its back which housed the diesel exhaust silencer, there was a complete absence of clutter on the upper deck. After finishing my VIIc build I decided that I need another cut-away challenge. $20.63.
Revell Germany Ship Models 1/144 German Type XXIII Submarine Kit RVL-5140 $18.95 $15.16 Revell Germany Ship Models 1/144 German U-Boat Type XXI Submarine w/Interior Kit RVL-5078 $32.95 $26.35 Revell Germany Ship Models 1/144 Platinum Edition USN Fletcher Class Destroyer Kit The first XXIII, U-2321, was launched from Deutsche Werft in Hamburg on 17 April, 1944, she was one of the 6 XXIII's that went on operational patrol around the British Isles in early 1945. It had a fully streamlined outer casing and apart from the relatively small conning tower and a fairing which housed the Diesel exhaust silencer, it had an uncluttered upper deck. So I'll make it myself. U-4712 was the last one launched, on April 19, 1945. Today Barış Acar is here with a submarine. Weighing in at 258 metric tons submerged displacement and measuring 34.7 meters in length the type XXIII was a coastal submarine designed to operate in the Med and North Sea. During the war only two were put into active service and went on patrols, but these were not used in combat. Initial Assessment. Revell German U-Boat Type XXI with interior 1:144. Review by: Geoff Coughlin (November 2011) Our thanks to Revell for supplying our review sample. At the end of the war on 8 May 1945 she was stricken at Trondheim, Norway and she was surrendered to the British. Revell RV05154 05154 5154 German Submarine Type VII C/41 1: 350 Plastic Model Kit, Various 4.1 out of 5 stars 31.

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