This meant that the leader of the Caliphate, called the Caliph, was typically the son (or other male relative) of the previous Caliph. Jan 1, 740. Ambition-10.0% Core-Creation … His son Yazid succeeds him as Caliph.

711 CE - 714 CE: Conquest of most of Spain by the Umayyad Dynasty. The Umayyad caliphate will be usurped by the Sunni Abbasid caliphate on August 6, 750, losing cores and never appears on-map again. A printable version of this timeline is available for download at the bottom of this page. Utman was Assasinated Utman was assasinated and succeeded by Ali, who ha a more radical view of the Islamic faith. Mu’awiyah establishes the Umayyad dynasty and transfers the imperial capital to Damascus. Ali is murdered, presumably by a Kharijite extremist.

Assassination of Ali and the rise of the Umayyad Dynasty, which ruled from Damascus . 712 CE: Military conquests as far as the Beas river in parts of modern-day Pakistan by the Umayyad forces - under Muhammad ibn Qasim. His son Hassan loses a battle for succession to Mu’awiyah and retires to Medina. Starting out just as a clan, the popularity of Islam grew and so did the Umayyad's. 661. Decisions Edit Umayyad Traditions +2.0% Missionary Strength +10.0% Infantry Combat Ability.
The Umayyad Dynasty (661-750 CE), the first dynasty to take the title of Caliphate, was established in 661 CE by Muawiya (l. c. 602-680 CE), who had served as the governor of Syria under the Rashidun Caliphate, after the death of the fourth caliph, Ali in 661 CE. This conflict would rage on for many years to come, and ultimately result to a permanent schism within Islam. They were able to conquer land in Northern Africa and Egypt. When the Umayyad caliphate of Damascus was overthrown by the Abbasids in 750, the last surviving member of the Umayyad dynasty fled to Spain, establishing himself as Amir ‘Abd al-Rahman I and thus initiating the Umayyad emirate (756–929).
The base of the Ummayad strength was their strong army. Make educational timelines or create a timeline for your company website.

In History. How to make a timeline? The Umayyad dynasty Under the Umayyads (reigned 661-750), the capital of the Caliphate was moved from Medina in Arabia to Damascus in Syria. Rashidun Caliphate to reunify the Muslim people. Caliph Mu’awiyah dies. It was also the first of the Islamic dynasties.

Umayyad dynasty, also spelled Omayyad, the first great Muslim dynasty to rule the empire of the caliphate (661–750 ce), sometimes referred to as the Arab kingdom (reflecting traditional Muslim disapproval of the secular nature of the Umayyad state).

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