and maybe that will help. "The Fifth Hokage! Kakashi is seen as the sixth hokage of the village hidden in the leaf in the last episode of Naruto Shippuden i.e. Naruto Shippuden 220: Prophecy of the Great Lord Elder. The Hokage Rock destroyed. As the stone carver begins to sculpt Danzō's face onto the Hokage Rock, he is notified by his assistant that Danzō has died.

Episode Number 479. Episode 219 Kakashi Hatake, the Hokage Episode 220 Prophecy of the Great Lord Elder Episode 221 Storage Episode 219: Kakashi Hatake, The Hokage Subtitled. Naruto gathers his friends and tells them that he will defeat Sasuke alone. Despite trying to heal himself after being hit with the Rasengan, Kabuto's wounds are too extensive for him to deal with and he collapses. Source(s): kakashi hokage: oh...go to youtube and type in "episode that tsunade becomes hokage part 1." Ok....hope that this helps. Meanwhile, the Elders of the Leaf officially nominate Kakashi to become the next Hokage. +402 TV-14. Sign in. Summary: After Danzo's death, the elders of the Leaf Village determine that a new Hokage must be named to act during the upcoming war.

For the best answers, search on this site Naruto Will Never Be 6th hokage because Kakashi is the 6th hokagte. he dies before he is officially announced as the sixth hokage. 0 0 0. Meanwhile, the Elders of the Leaf officially nominate Kakashi to become the next Hokage. Login to reply the answers Post; How do you think about the answers? will kakashi become hokage? ive been seeing the anime and will kakashi become the next hokage. Tsunade. Kakashi Becomes Hokage Episode. Der Shodai und Nidaime Hokage waren Brüder, der Sandaime war der Schüler des Nidaime Hokages. That means there isn't any Sixth Hokage. Naruto gathers his friends and tells them that he will defeat Sasuke alone. 4 years ago. Minato war der Schüler von Jiraiya, dieser war ein Schüler vom Sandaime Hokage. (五代目火影 命を賭けた戦い, Godaime Hokage, Inochi o Kaketa Tatakai!) In the years since the Fourth Shinobi World War, Konoha has expanded to the plateau above the monument, with the village's new skyscrapers seen towering above it. In that scene Tsunade, the fifth hokage is seen transferring the responsibility of hokage to Kakashi ( involving a lot of unfinished paper work) Auch die potenziellen Kandidaten zum Rokudaime Hokage stehen in Verbindung zu den ehemaligen Hokage. Episode 219: Kakashi Hatake, The Hokage. Dubbed Subtitled. For the first few decades of the village's history, the Hokage Rock is left mostly untouched, being used only to house the village's archives and protect its villagers during times of attack. 5th Hokage (Tsunade) has woken up from coma and still the acting hokage of leaf village. Also danzo never becomes the hokage. Danzou war der größte Rivale von Hiruzen Sarutobi und … :D. I'm a naruto fan too. Up Next. is episode 95 of the original Naruto anime.. Synopsis . However, Kakashi was set as a candidate for the hokage's post. Anonymous. What episode does naruto become the 6th Hokage?

"Kakashi Hatake, the Hokage" (火影はたけカカシ, Hokage Hatake Kakashi) is episode 219 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime. A Life on the Line!" my facebook page Watch Kakashi Bacame Hokage Full Episode Here :- Guide To Watch Above Full Episode Kakashi Hatake, the Hokage - Watch on Crunchyrol Watch Kakashi Bacame Hokage Full Episode Here :- Guide To Watch Above Full Episode :- Subscribe.

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