2. For example, the most recent iPhone X may be referred to as Apple's flagship smartphone. Flagship. Auf zwei Etagen werden Sets und Einzelsteine verkauft und limitierte Sets angeboten.

Die Lancierung der ersten Flagship durch Longines im Jahr 1957 erwies sich als nachhaltiger Erfolg.

Alle Uhren der Linie sind mit mechanischen Uhrwerken mit automatischem Aufzug ausgestattet und sprechen besonders Liebhaber klassischer, robuster Uhren an. Some of the best known flagship stores are tourist attractions in their own right. When applied to a particular retail store, the designation flagship is awarded to a store at the retailer's primary location, a store in a prominent location, a chain's largest store, the store that holds or sells the highest volume of merchandise, a retailer's most well …
In retail business the designation of flagship is given to a retailer’s primary location, a store in a prominent location, a chain’s largest store, the store that holds or sells the highest volume of merchandise, a retailer’s most well-known location, a chain’s first retail outlet, a store location with decor or merchandise mix that is distinctly different from the rest of the chain, or the store location in a chain … Traditionally, the commander of a navy traveled in the flagship, which was distinguished by flying his distinctive flag. Wer bestimmte einzelne Steine sucht, kann sich diese dort in Behälter abfüllen. A flagship phone is the best phone that has ever been produced by a particular smartphone manufacturer. Flagship definition: A flagship is the most important ship in a fleet of ships, especially the one on which... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

The smartphone industry has been rapidly growing in popularity, this is due to all the features and functionalities that they possess. The term "flagship" refers to a ship that is the largest, fastest, newest, most heavily armed, most well known, or the lead ship in a fleet.

You can also call the ship in the front of a fleet the flagship.

This is where you can choose to schedule a pick-up and insure your shipment.
In the same way, a flagship store is the lead store in a retail chain. Easily manage and your shipments while saving shipping costs for your small business shipping.

They are typically designed with care to be a cornerstone of a brand's image and reputation. Discover the La Perla fit revolution . In the United States, traditional radio networks currently operate without flagship stations as defined in this article. In the technology industry, flagship is a term often used to describe the highest-end hardware model offered in a product line. The focus is on experience and creating a destination store that people want to visit. A flagship device has the best features, and often has the highest retail price compared to other devices from the same company. Input key information about your shipment right in FlagShip’s online shipping system. Der Flagship-Store des dänischen Spielwarenherstellers Lego bietet direkt an der Tauentzienstraße nahe des KaDeWe alles rund um die bunten Plastiksteine. flagship (plural flagships) In a maritime fleet, the ship occupied by the fleet's commander (usually an admiral); it denotes this by flying his flag. Network.

The chief one of a related group: the flagship of a newspaper chain. A flagship radio station is the principal station from which a radio network's programs are fed to affiliates. Flagship store. Small Business Shipping Made Easy.

It acts as a showcase for the brand or retailer.

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