Before you grid your home, make sure that you do a thorough sage cleansing of your home. For good feng shui, place your crystal cluster in one of these areas: the Center, Northeast, Northwest, West, or Southwest. Because crystals bring strong Earth feng shui element energy into any space, it is best to place them in bagua areas that are either governed or strengthened by the Earth element. Your front entrance. I was inspired to do a post to share with you all some crystals for manifesting a new home, to create good energy in a new home, and to protect your home. A beautiful blue turquoise crystal placed in the North-West (Near Right) area of your home will encourage mentors and universal support. Love is the truest, highest vibration on Earth, and this crystal helps you to love what you do, love yourself, and put love into your work. After you have finished saging, place your protection crystals throughout your home. Enhance the vibe by placing four crystals on the floor at each bed leg. Bring romance, love and joy to your room with rose quartz. How to Place Crystals in the Container. Open all the windows and sage each room, making sure that any negative energies leave out the windows. In the bedroom, for example, placing a crystal on your bedside table keeps it close when sleeping or meditating. After a confrontational call, a less-than-pleasant email, or when you’re not feeling like your most beautiful self, uplift your aura with the energy of rose quartz with this simple crystal spray. Having trouble sleeping? A home adorned with crystals is a home that is benefiting from natural and powerful earth energies. In the North East corner of your home place 9 tumbled carnelian crystals in a bowl.

Where to Place Feng Shui Crystals. The final decision is how to place crystals in your container. This should help you to approach new situations with an 'open mind'. I was recently asked to create a custom kit for someone who was looking to move in to a new home. Don’t have too many crystals out though, as a combination of energies may keep you awake!

Place a clear crystal ball near the entryway of your home, in its Southeast sector (area that controls wealth and luck in a building) for secure good financial fortune. Then, find a central spot in your home where you can set your intention. As a doorway between the outer and the inner world, the front door is considered very important in feng shui and needs strength, vitality, and protection in order to contribute to a good feng shui house.Placing crystals or stones with strong, protective energy in your main entry, as close to the front door as possible, will help ground and clear the incoming energy. If you want to cleanse your room, place a piece of … 1.

For example, if you move into a new home, the House Blessing Box has everything the space needs including two rough rose quartz crystals for unconditional love, black tourmaline for protection, amethyst to bring about positivity, and a handmade onyx bowl. Place a piece of amethyst under your bed or on your bedside table.

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