Try it with your favorite pie fruit, like cherry, rhubarb or blueberry. This is more like an apple cobbler but with a light, almost sweet-ish cake topping. Eve’s Pudding comes from England, the land of comforting puddings. I don't know why it's called Eve's Pudding except for the fact that it has apples in it.....and we all know about Eve and that apple! Because it is mostly apple (i.e. If you keep any additional sugar to a minimum, you have a lovely combination of sharp fruit with soft, golden sponge. Eve’s pudding was a favorite dessert in Ireland when I was growing up. It is a version of Duke of Cumberland's pudding, named after Prince William, Duke of Cumberland. Eve's pudding, also known as Mother Eve's pudding, is a type of traditional British pudding made from apples baked under a Victoria sponge cake mixture. The name of course comes from the story of Adam and Eve, when Eve tempted Adam with the apple. Eve's Pudding, a comforting British classic made with Bramley apples and topped with sponge.

fruit), it is relatively light. I won't insult your intelligence by telling you why an apple cake is named after Eve, but it's a cute name. But then I found this one and tweaked it a lot!! Eve's Pudding is a traditional British pudding made with stewed Bramley apples which are covered in a … The first known recipe is from 1824 and uses grated bread and grated suet. The cake mix and the apple cook together – no pre-cooking of the apple is required. Eve’s Pudding makes reference to the apple in this dish (Adam and Eve), so I don’t know what I’d call this dessert, but I have made it with a combination of apples, plums and peaches, too! If they were using a recipe, chances are it came from a cookbook. Aim to serve them warm, rather than piping hot, with a little cream or ice-cream. Or, if the urge takes you, drown it in cream or custard. It’s a perfect marriage between a Victoria sponge and lots of apple.
The name is a reference to the biblical Eve. Eve’s Pudding is, in my view, a really nice way to finish a meal. The Name Eve’s Pudding. It’s so called because it’s a pudding that Eve would find difficult to resist. Usually made with crystallised fruits placed in the bottom of a mould and filled with layers of sponge fingers (or macaroons) soaked in liqueur and bavarois with glace cherries, or currants and sultanas. A baked sponge tops deliciously sweetened and stewed apples, making it a comforting winter treat. Spotted dick (also known as "spotted dog" or "railway cake") is a British pudding, traditionally made with suet and dried fruit (usually currants or raisins) and often served with custard.Non-traditional variants include recipes that replace suet with other fats (such as butter), or that include eggs to make something similar to a sponge pudding or cake. It can be served with custard, cream or ice cream – or my childhood favourite – evaporated milk! Vegan mofo 20 - Veganizing Eve's pudding Veganising an old family recipe initially seemed to be a bit tricky - I don't remember my parents, or grandparents, ever writing down a recipe or passing one on. I don’t judge. I found a similar recipe in "Cook's Illustrated" called Blue Ribbon Apple Cake and after reducing the sugar in the topping, adding cinnamon and nutmeg and substituting natural yogurt for sour cream, the result was quite acceptable. It could just as easily be called Apple Sponge Pudding! A pudding coming in many versions and sometimes under different names - but originating in France where it's called 'Poudin a la chanceliere'. I've stripped it back to make it as quick and easy as possible. It's not anything like a pudding.....and we know what Eve said about that apple!

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