Then there's the F# key, which made its first appearance on some Selmer MK VIes. 5 years ago.
Then we go on to the front F. Front F fingering on alto and tenor saxophone. All of these front fingerings and altissimo fingerings are with the octave key. There is a similar fingering for fork E on saxophone.

To distinguish alternate fingerings, certain keys are referred to as the “bis key” or the “front F key”.

altissimo fingerings (see Example 4) using the front F3 fingering with the high F-sharp key (i.e., RSK 4); and the front F3 fingering with the side B-flat key (i.e., RSK 1). This key is useful for certain arpeggio patterns and is the basis of a number of altissimo … We’re going to start with the note E, your high front E. Front E fingering on alto and tenor saxophone. Top F: Auxiliary F (AKA “Front” F) fingering useful for arpeggio F. Also the basis for many altissimo fingerings. Modern saxophone keywork is fairly standardized, but there are some notable exceptions. The fork F on saxophone does not use the palm keys and uses less keys overall than the usual fingering, so sometimes that works better. High Front E and Front F on Alto and Tenor Sax. Instruments without a front F key are unacceptably limited IMHO.

- Play high C forte then push the stomach in and double the speed of the air while adding front F key. So, to extend this even further, you may use the high F# …

I've found some Alternate Fingering Chart for Saxophone on the net, but there is something I don't understand.

On some saxophones, especially soprano instruments, there is no front F key.

The fingering that most sax players learn for F, or I did at least since it’s in the standard fingering chart, is somewhat clumsy in a some cases.

It involves all three of the spoon keys, the octave key, and the top key in the row where the side Bb key … Chromatically it makes sense, but not all the time. Altissimo F-sharp and G on Alto Sax. This fingering is better than the F palm keys for making a fast interval between C and top F (or any of the left hand fingerings).

What is important is that the note is in tune regardless of how it’s played. As stated above, the fingerings on the provided saxophone fingering chart are, for the most part, in order of preference. F# is a nice feature to have, especially on tenor sax. Most notes on the saxophone have only one viable fingering. High F#- key; Front F-key; Body, S-bow and mechanism made of brass; Separate adjusting screws for D, E, F, A & B; Adjustable thumb holder made of metal; G#- and F# key handle made of solid material; Maintenance-friendly, detachable bell; Clear lacquered ; Includes lightweight case with backpack set; Further Information. Incorporate the fork E and F fingerings into your playing as much as possible. I am pretty new to this whole Saxophone world, and I have a question concerning the front F key. No it’s not necessary for the high F palm key to open the exact same distance when engaged by the front F or the palm. Practice playing from C3 to F3 and back. - Make sure the front F key is opening the palm F about 4mm. 3 ratings . There's the front F key, which has been a standard feature for between 85 and 90 years. Most saxophones have the front F key, but a few that are quite old may not. Alternate Fingerings .

Example 4 While the palm-key fingering for F#3 is used primarily for step-wise motion ascending to Tenor saxophone. All keys swedged to eliminate any lateral play: All new key corks, synthetics, felts, and neck cork installed: Each pad adjusted for a perfect seal from front to back and side to side with the lightest touch: All new pads installed with shellac using customer's preference …

- Think the vowel shape "OO" on high C and "EE" when going to high F. - When high F comes out clearly with the front F fingering, add the 3rd finger and try to go to high E.

That's the one with the keytouch above the LH B key, that opens the E palm key. F3 may also be played with the fork F fingering, which is: Octave Key, front F key, LH2. If you don’t have that key you can fake it: Top E Thomann TTS-180 Tenor Sax.

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